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Digital Production (48 mins)

He’s looking for feelings, she’s looking for a rebound… To stave off pandemic blues, two mismatched millennials try their hand at ‘short distance dating’, but can they keep things from getting complicated?

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“One of the most effective and poignant depictions of two young people looking for love I’ve seen...”

Glenn Sumi (NOW Magazine - NNNN)

The Collective

Sudden Spark Collective is a group of Toronto artists who have joined forces to warm pandemic-weary hearts.

Sudden Spark Collective

Above: Ellen Denny (creator / performer), Emilio Vieira (creator / performer), Mairi Babb (director)

Below: Ngabo Nabea (illustrator), Sandi Becker (script supervisor), Lee Stone (covid marshall)

Below: Jareth Li (LX / gaffer), Ryan McIntyre (director of photography), Reid Goobie (sound recordist)

Below: Anthony Brancati (editor), Madison Wood (editor)

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