Enter a hidden courtyard to experience Toronto’s critically acclaimed rom-com…

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Ticket: $12 (Run Time 48 mins)

He’s looking for feelings, she’s looking for a rebound… To stave off pandemic blues, two mismatched millennials try their hand at ‘short distance dating’, but can they keep things from getting complicated?

“One of the most effective and poignant depictions of two young people looking for love I’ve seen...”

Glenn Sumi (NOW Magazine - NNNN)

The Collective

Sudden Spark Collective is a group of Toronto artists who have joined forces to warm pandemic-weary hearts.

Sudden Spark Collective

Above: Ellen Denny (creator / performer), Emilio Vieira (creator / performer), Mairi Babb (director)

Below: Ngabo Nabea (illustrator), Sandi Becker (script supervisor), Lee Stone (covid marshall)

Below: Jareth Li (LX / gaffer), Ryan McIntyre (director of photography), Reid Goobie (sound recordist)

Below: Anthony Brancati (editor), Madison Wood (editor)

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